Legal Web Design and Content Management for Law Firmsupdate your legal web site easily with our tools.Business Edge also offers the highest quality law firm web site design at affordable prices.Contact us regarding web site design and CMS.Business Edge has offices in New York and Connecticut is feature rich, while maintaining an affordable price. Here are just a few of the features that makes the best in the business:

Signin screen

  • Different authorization levels of users are maintained for security and workflow. Administrators can see all options seen in the picture below. Content updaters can update content but cannot perform administrative tasks such as adding or deleting users.
  • A database audit trail allows the system to track all changes made by individual users. Date time stamps are also stored for each change.
Attorney screens
  • The administrator may sort the attorney list by name, location, position, last changed, and last changed by username, allowing for a very user-friendly page.
  • The administrator can also narrow the attorney list by clicking on the top tabs, or by selecting attorneys in a particular office.
  • A preview function allows the administrator to view the bio from this list, as well as to delete the bio.
  • The attorney bio update page has all necessary bio data on one page. The bio update page has areas for personal information, office location information, practice information, and bio text.
  • Practice areas can be added and removed from the bio, and re-sequenced easily by changing the practice sequence number. Sequencing allows you to prioritize the practice areas within the bio.
  • Bio text, Education, experience, and membership texts are all separated, and thus can be searched by the user separately.
  • Help is available on the entire page for all enterable fields.
  • User comments field allows different administrators to leave notes on changes they made to other content updaters.
News/Events screens
  • All the same features are available on the list news/events page as the attorney list page, including advanced sorting, preview buttons, and type selections to narrow the list of selections.
  • The News/event update page has many advanced features, including a smart upload feature that knows enough to make the story a PDF if that is what is uploaded, however if you upload a jpg or gif file it makes this part of the textual story and places the photo on the top for emphasis.
  • It also automatically indexes all PDF files for searchability. All the important fields are set to be searchable including title, subtitle, author, practice area, as well as the full story text.
  • Authors selected from the list of attorneys are automatically attached and linked to the attorney bio.
  • News/Events can be manually archived from this page, and can also be set to auto-archive after a pre-determined time period, for instance after one or two years.
Practice area screens
  • The Practice area textual entry page uses a Word-like WYSIWYG editing interface for advanced flexibility in updating content, including photo uploading and placement, advanced HTML editing, etc.
  • Photos can be uploaded to this page from the online editor.
  • All the important Practice area fields are set to be searchable including Practice area name, as well as the full practice area text.
Firm Locations screens
  • The locations textual entry page uses a Word-like WYSIWYG interface for advanced flexibility in content editing, including photo uploading and placement, html editing, etc.
  • Office directions, once entered, are automatically linked to a separate directions page and can also optionally be linked to a mapping page.
  • All the important location fields are set to be searchable including location name, address, contact, as well as the full location text and directions.
Other included content management tools
  • The administrator can add or revoke administrative rights from other uses, and create new logon ID's.
  • The administrator can add or add/change News types if the web site requires a new business area to report news on.
  • The administrator can keep all of the pages up to date that are normally static in a Law Firm web site, such as about the firm pages, firm philosophy pages, History of the firm pages, etc.
  • Our Newsletter Manager product can be included to create and send firm newsletters electronically.